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Laser Photometric Modules


We are very proud to present as first company in the world Laser Photometry Modules.

These modules could be ordered to customer specifications and are extremly flexible in applications.

Excellent linearitiy and very high stabilities are the main features of these very small modules.

Additional feature of a laser is the possibility to adapt the optical features to specific requirements of an application.

E.g. You need a higher liniarity range than our standard ( -0.1 - 3.0 OD)? No problem, we can setup it.

Following concept modules are available:

Complete photometer module with single or multi beam for measuring in cuvettes or flow cells:

lp meter


Laser photometric module: C-LAS OEM single, a single beam module:

for a lot of possible installations and applcations, with/without reference measurement

TEC control for temperature control with a Peltier

VISOLAS Modul single cuvette
VISOLAS Modul single flowcell


Laser photometric module: C-LAs OEM double, a double beam module:

for a lot of possible insatallations and applcations, with/without reference measurement

TEC control for temperature control with a Peltier


VISOLAS Modul single cuvette
VISOLAS Modul single flowcell


Product specification:


Laser Photometric Module
High precise single or multi wavelength Laser Photometric Module with obstruction-free focusable light path
Laser Class 1
obstruction-free focusable Spotsize maximum 300 µm
Wavelength (choosable) between 375 - 1100nm
Beam diameter Maximum 3mm (at 1m distance from source)
Sampling rate up to 10kHz
CV with measurement < 1%
Liniatrity range (standard) -0.1 up up to 3.0 OD
Option: OD ranges configurable to user/application demands
Interface (standard) USB interface
Option: Bus systems on user/application specifications
Protocol (standard) Ascii
Power USB powered
Dimension (B x W x H) 120 x 60 x 15 mm
Optional could be integrated to this module
  Temperature sensor
  TEC controller for heating and cooling (Peltier, +/- 0.5°C)
  TEC Controller: External power supply 110 - 240V (output: 5V 40W) included



We are distributor and competence partner of the complete line of Tibbo products, Tibbo Technology Inc, in Switzerland

One of the key product lines are Serial-over-IP solutions.

DS 1102 DS 1102DS 1102

The DS1101 is a compact BASIC-programmable controller targeting serial-over-IP and serial control applications.

The DS1101 features a multi-channel RS232 port. The device has a single DB9M connector and is priced as a single-port product, yet packs 3.5 independent serial channels.

Another feature of the DS1101 is its software-controlled power output on pin 9 of the DB9 connector — you can power an attached serial device directly through the DS1101. Alternatively, the DS1101 itself can be powered through the pin 9. The device power can also be supplied via its power jack or the optional power-over-Ethernet board*.

The DS1101 can be equipped with a 96x32 monochrome OLED display and Wi-Fi interface*.

There are eight LEDs on the device's front: green and red main status LEDs, a yellow Ethernet link LED, and five blue LEDs, which can be used for Wi-Fi signal strength indication. A buzzer is provided as well.

Each DS1101 is supplied with the DIN rail and wall mounting plates.

The device comes preloaded with a fully functional serial-over-IP application.

* Wi-Fi and power-over-Ethernet options are mutually exclusive

See Tibbo SoIP